Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My old office was a mess. Oh, I knew where everything was, but it wasn't pretty as you can see from the before shots. I had two computer desks and no storage.

I just love my new office and I am taking great pains to keep it tidy. Instead of two desks, I now have a wrap around counter on top of two cupboards. The angled corners give me working area for paying bills or writing. Something I did not have before. The two towers give me plenty of storage for the things I want at my fingertips and the cupboards lets me hide those things I don't need to see every day. Now I have two wall sconces for lighting which was something else I was sorely lacking in the old office space.
This little room was not much good for anything so it makes a great little nook for my office. Plus, the view to the front yard (as I am on the second floor) is great for stopping to think.
The great guys at Contractor's Corner, 701 -4th St. helped out with this project. You can reach them at 727-3799.

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