Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is great way to get a great looking bookcase at a fraction of the cost.
Buy two of those plain bookcases you get in a kit at Canadian Tire or hardware store.
Put them together according to instructions.
Buy trim and moldings at you lumber store. Learn how to use a mitre box, it isn't hard.

I attached the two bookcase together and then attached them to the wall using L-brackets.
Along the top I put on crown molding, along the front and two sides. To cover the seam in the middle , another piece of trim was attached with clue and finishing nails. Along the floor I used baseboard, on both sides and the front. Now I have a better looking bookcase.

Also in the pictures you can see two different ways to arrange your bookcases. It is more interesting to break up the rows of books with pictures or accessories. The baskets on top are great for those little books or momentos you want to keep but don't need to be on display.

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