Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This excerpt is from www.theromantic.com and was submitted by Mark Hughes.

It is a great idea!

"Two years ago I decided to stretch Valentine's Day out all year long. After cutting out 365 pink, red and white hearts from copy paper, I set out on the daunting yet loving task of placing a special message on each one.
Some were scripture notes from the bible to give encouragement or verses that were special to me and my wife. Some were date notes; movie of your choice, dinner out, dinner fixed by me, a drive to the beach, etc. Some were chore or help notes; I do the dishes for a week, I'll clean the bathrooms, I'll watch the baby this weekend, etc. And some were sweet nothings; back rub, take a long bath, take a nap while I take the baby, let's look at our wedding photos and reminisce....
Once all the hearts had a message, each was folded and placed in a large jar decorated with appropriate Valentine's colors and shapes. I wrapped here special gift, which she opened and then placed on the counter were she could reach for each day's note, to be used at her descretion. It has been a simple yet wonderful way to keep us aware of each others needs."

Ahh, isn't that sweet. This could be done for your kids or they could do it for you, with a few different notes of course.

Go to the website listed above to check out other great Valentine ideas.

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