Sunday, March 1, 2009


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I covered this storage ottoman myself using some wonderful fabric that I was able to buy for $5.00 a meter during Fabric Land’s January sales. Even the trim was a steal.

You start by laying the fabric over the ottoman, letting it drape down on all four sides, making sure there is amble fabric to cover the sides and to hem. Then I generously trimmed the sides, making sure that there would be enough for hemming under.
Fold each corner so that you form an inverted pleat. Make sure the inside of the fabric is lining nice and flat inside. Tack each corner so that when you remove the fabric for hemming it stays where you want it. Pin the sides inside as well. I also machine tacked the bottom of the pleat. I pinned it in place and sewed the bottom 4 inches holding the pleat firmly in place. Make sure this stitching is not above where your trim will be sewed on, as you want the pleats to look soft and not sewed down.
Machine hem the fabric but make sure you fold it over twice to avoid fraying.
Start sewing the trim on at one corner and work all the away around. Start your first seam at the bottom of the top strip on the trim, and then sew again at the top of the trim, this way it is firmly attached. This also assures that the corners stay where they are suppose to.

I wanted mine to just graze the floor so it looks like a slipcover and not too perfect.
This took about a meter of fabric. However, this fabric was extra wide as it is upholstery fabric. The trim was a little more than a meter (I had to guess when I bought it, so make sure you measure).This was a super easy project and now my ottoman isn’t out of place with the rest of my home

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